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This Uber map shows you Ubers activity around the world, you can click on each of the 71 active countries for a list of supported cities.


Check all the fare rates, cars and popular destinations in more than 1210 Uber cities. Be inspired by top Uber destinations for all social proof hotspots.


Global taxi service

With a presence in more than 71 countries, Uber truly gives you an easy way to take a cheap taxi ride in more than 1210 cities.

Uber Cabs cities like San Francisco and NY are the most active in the west while Uber India is really gaining traction in the east.

Uber Cities

Popular countries

  1. United States (267 cities)
  2. Brazil (131 cities)
  3. India (96 cities)
  4. Spain (81 cities)
  5. Italy (68 cities)

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