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With over 1235 cities listed in Uber, and a presence in over 69 different countries around the world, Uber operates almost globally, offering ride services to more than 10.000 cities globally.

To get an overview of Uber's activities worldwide, check out the Uber map.


By clicking on each of the active countries listed on the map, you can find a list of all the supported cities in the country, along with their fare rates, cars, and popular destinations.

This way, you can easily plan and book your Uber rides during your travels to any of these cities.


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A Global Taxi Service

Uber has disrupted the traditional taxi industry and transformed the way people think about transportation.

Uber Cities

With its easy, affordable and convenient services, Uber has established itself as the leading ride-hailing company, with a vast network of drivers and riders globally.

Uber has become synonymous with ride-hailing, and it is available in both big cities and small towns, providing customers with a safe and reliable transportation option anywhere they go.

Whether you’re in San Francisco, New York or even in India, you can always rely on Uber for your transportation needs.

Popular Countries

While Uber has spread across the globe, some countries have become more popular than others in terms of user base, driver count, and rides.

Some of the most popular countries to use Uber service are the United States, India, Brazil, Mexico, and Spain.

  1. United States (266 cities)
  2. Brazil (131 cities)
  3. India (98 cities)
  4. Mexico (92 cities)
  5. Spain (81 cities)

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