Uber Estimate

Uber Promo Code

Are you new to Uber? A free ride is a great way to get started using Uber taxis.


Depending on the country, you will get approx. $20 worth of first free ride to enjoy the Uber experience.

These "free ride" Uber promotions usually work for new users only.


How to install the Uber app

Uber Promo Code

It's super simple! Search for "Uber" in either App Store or Play Store and create a profile when opening the app the first time.

After setting up your profile you can request a car right away.

When coming to the payment view, you can add your Uber promo code with the following steps:


Use the Uber promo code

  1. Open the Uber app and click on the menu
  2. Tap payment and select "Add Promo Code"
  3. Enter your promotion code and tap "Add"

Active Uber coupons

Coupons for existing users

The promotion codes are only for new users who are going to experience their first trip.

You can still earn cash back by getting Uber's credit card, earning Uber rewards or by referring friends and family to the Uber app.

Contact Uber Number

Uber only has an emergency Uber number in case of any really serious matters while you are using Uber services or driving with passengers.

The easiest way to contact Uber is via the app.

Uber Customer Service

Having troubles with any promotions? You can quickly get in touch with Uber through the Uber app.

If you have any issues after a trip, just contact Uber customer service and they will solve it fast for you.

Uber Stock

Beside getting better deals on your taxi ride, then you can also scout for a good deal on the Uber stock chart.

If you're trading stocks and like Uber as a company, then investing is a great way to bet on their technology as a future driver for a better taxi experience.