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To use this tool, simply enter your pick-up and drop-off locations, and our Uber estimate tool will show you the current Uber fare prices and surge price alerts.

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What is Uber?

Uber is a private on-demand transportation service that operates through a mobile app.

Passengers can request a ride through the app, which sends a nearby driver to the location. Payment for the ride is automated through the app using a credit or debit card.

If you're a new Uber rider, you can get a free ride promo code up to $25 depending on your city, by using the promo code in the "Payment" section after logging into Uber.


Uber Phone

Uber drivers can now exclusively use the Uber phone number to get in direct contact with Uber support representatives for any critical issues or live support.

Uber Fare Estimator

Uber Customer Care

If you face any trouble with your Uber trip, there are multiple ways to get in contact with Uber customer service. Check out our guide on how to contact the Uber hotline for more information.

Uber Report

Contact us by email to report any issue or provide feedback about your Uber ride and estimate, to give it the attention it needs.

Cheapest Uber Cities

If you want to save money, check out the list of the cheapest Uber cities for a great overview of where to get the cheapest Uber fares around the globe.

And if you care about your reputation and want to see your Uber passenger rating, you can now view it within the Uber app.

Uber City Rates

Want to check all the available Uber prices in your city? You can find all the Uber fare prices in each city by clicking on the city link in each fare estimate.

In the US, an extra service charge is added to your receipt called the Uber booking fee, also known as the "Safe Ride Fee."

Expensive Uber Cities

If you're up for a classy ride and don't mind spending extra cash for a better car, check out the list of the most expensive Uber cities here. In addition to using Uber for yourself, consider purchasing Uber gift cards for your friends and family.

Schedule an Uber Trip

While you can't officially book an Uber in advance, it would be fantastic if you could! Uber works 100% on-demand by showing real-time cars around you.

However, Uber's support also advises booking your ride in advance to avoid being delayed for any meetings or appointments.

If you're unsure about traffic or travel times, it's better to schedule your ride in advance to avoid stress and ensure you arrive on time.

Tip My Uber Driver

No, Uber is a cashless experience, and you don't need cash when you ride with Uber. Your credit card will automatically be charged once you arrive at your destination.

However, it's up to you if you want to tip your Uber driver for exceptional service.

Uber Pro Tips

To avoid any misunderstandings or miscommunications, try to describe precisely where the Uber Black driver should pick you up and your final destination.

This is especially important when your GPS signal is weak or unreliable. If you're not familiar with Uber vehicle options, be sure to check out the Uber cars section.

Surge Pricing

This Uber fare estimator gives you the latest fare estimates directly from Uber, but surge pricing can be confusing. Stay updated on surge pricing and see all the differences between Uber and Lyft on our complete list.

Uber Share Price

Uber has been publicly listed since May 9, 2019, on NYSE and peaked at $63.18 on February 10, 2021. Since then, the stock has been averaging around $35 since its inception.

You can check the current Uber stock price and the 1-month historical chart of the past month on our site.

Uber FAQ

We receive many questions, so instead of replying to each of them via email, we've created general pages for the most frequently asked questions. Wondering how Uber makes money, or where Uber is banned? See all the answers on our Uber FAQ page.

Internet Access

While Uber provides you with a good taxi experience, your ISP, or internet service provider, is delivering the internet connection you're using right now. To find out who your ISP is, use this free lookup tool.