Uber Estimate

Uber Surge Pricing

The Uber fare rates automatically increase, when the taxi demand is higher than drivers around you.


The Uber prices are surging to ensure reliability and availability for those who agree to pay a bit more.


You can be notified by the app when the Uber surge pricing goes down again.

When the Uber prices are surging, it also encourages more drivers to get back on the road and be able to earn more money.

Usually, the Uber surge only lasts for a few minutes depending on the demand and the amount of available drivers in your area.


Uber price surging happens often at peak times in the morning and again in the evening rush hours when everyone is heading back from work.

So if you want to save some money try to avoid rush hours, crowded places or by being a bit patient before booking an UberX ride.

Uber Surge Pricing

You will never pay the surge fare price unless you accept the fare price, the Uber app will always ask you first to confirm the higher fare before requesting a car for you.

If you have time you can easily get notified when the prices are back on normal fare rates by the push of a button on the same screen. Wait a few minutes and pay less.

If you don't like to be surprised feel free to use our Uber fare estimator to calculate the fare prices from your location to your destination address.

Remember when paying surge prices it's a bit like tipping Uber drivers, since the driver will benefit from it as well.

Remember that Uber booking fees will be added in the US.