Uber Estimate

Uber Passenger Rating

Here is how to check your Uber passenger rating.

All Uber users love to see how they perform in Uber's rating system, but before Marts 2016 it was nearly impossible to get your Uber rating.

Now you can see your passenger rating through Uber's help desk.


My Uber rating

Uber Passenger Rating

To find your average Uber rating just follow this link and log-in with your Uber account.

Just after pressing "Submit" you will see a message with the text "Thank you. Your average trip rating is XX stars".

Both your passenger rating and driver ratings are always shown as an average.

Uber Driver rating

For years, we have been used to seeing only the Uber drivers rating, but now you finally can get your Uber rating without embarrassment and the need of asking the driver or contacting the Uber call center.

You can either see your Uber user rating from the website or via the mobile app.

Check Uber Rating

Check Uber Rating

It's super simple to see your Uber passenger score inside the Uber app.

We have created a short GIF animation showing you the process to see your Uber rider rating.

It only takes a few steps and at least for now Uber lets you see your own passenger rating, which is fantastic.

Uber Rating Guide

  1. Open Uber app and tap on "Menu"
  2. Click on "Help" and scroll down"
  3. Tap on "Account" & scroll more down
  4. Tap "I'd like to know my rating" now
  5. Tadaaa.. Here is your Uber rating