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Tip Uber Driver

Giving a tip to any taxi driver is the norm, although it's unusual for Uber drivers.

Uber service is a car hauling service that allows passengers to connect with drivers through an app on a smartphone.


So do you tip an Uber driver? No, Uber is a cashless experience paid by credit card.

Cashless experience

Do you tip Uber drivers

Uber calls itself a hassle-free as well as hyper-convenient.

One of its trademarks is the convenience, allowing customers to have a comfortable ride, says Uber.

Every time you want to tip the Uber driver you must do it in cash but not through the app, which is a bit against the cashless service.

Tip the driver or not

Some passengers enjoy Uber's drive and think there is no need to tip an Uber driver, but most Uber drivers feel different.

A few extra dollars, not only help Uber drivers in paying wages, but also experiencing the feeling of being appreciated hence being awarded when they provide a good service.

Peter Faris who is an Uber driver based in Washington got more than 14 thousand signatures after launching an online petition requesting Uber if they could add a tip the Uber driver feature to their app.

After Uber CEO Travis Kalanick got the petition, he said Uber drivers appreciate working with Uber and a tip feature will not only boost driver earnings but also their job fulfillment.

It is not well known if Fari's online petition to get a "tip uber driver" function will be implemented in Uber's tipping policy, although it is obvious that many drivers are favor of the app feature.

The tip Uber driver will automatically make the driver more of an entrepreneur who is aiming to improve the service quality since it directly affects their income and that's real power.

If Uber will integrate a tip feature to the driver it definitely will improve the service level as well as making sure the car is always clean.

At the same time, we love that we don't need to think about any tips while getting from A to B.