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Uber in El Salvador

Uber is a fast-growing ride-sharing option available in 3 cities throughout El Salvador.

Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, Uber is a reliable and affordable alternative to traditional taxis, offering a seamless ride experience.


From the big cities to the small towns, Uber is available in many cities throughout the country.

By clicking on any of the listed cities, you can find car types, fare rates, and any current promotion codes.

This way, you can better plan your trip, use a Uber promo code, and save even more on your Uber ride.

El Salvador

When visiting El Salvador, you can use Uber's real-time fare estimate tool to get an idea of the cost of your trip ahead of time.

This way, you can avoid any unexpected and expensive taxi surprises and ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip.

With Uber operating in hundreds of cities throughout El Salvador, some cities have become even more popular for the Uber experience.

Cities in El Salvador